My First Post

Hello World,

So I’ve decided to start a blog.

Yes, this one.

Why? I like to believe it’s because I love writing. I love the sense of freedom it gives me. And the unlimited power…

I don’t know how people could possibly think that I’m not a Slytherin.

This doesn’t really explain why I chose blogging though. Sure, on the days I feel especially emotional or need to rant about things, I could write a diary. Alas, I’m no Bridget Jones and my diary entries always ended up like this:

7am- Woke up

8am- Went on tumblr

9am- Fandomed for a bit

10am- Binge-watched Netflix

11am- Binge-watched Netflix

12am- Binge-watched Netflix

1pm- Binge-watched Netflix

2pm- Binge-watched Netflix

3pm- Binge-watched Netflix

4pm- Binge-watched Netflix

5pm- Binge-watched Netflix

6pm- Binge-watched Netflix

7pm- Binge-watched Netflix

8pm- Binge-watched Netflix

9pm- Binge-watched Netflix

10pm- Binge-watched Netflix

11pm- Procrastinates until remembers 2000 word essay that was meant to be done.


Really empathetic, huh?

Blogging gives me a drive. One which can’t be found in the thickest pages of a shitty diary. There’s a small inkling of hope that maybe one (just one) person can relate to me. A person who can just think,’Wow, I’m not the only one!?’

Maybe that one person could understand me.

Ughhhh cheesy/cringey moment is over. Gahhhh! Never again!

Alright, suppose that’s that. I do hope you’ll stick around to hear my story- it could be interesting. Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment and tell me what you think -though most of you probably won’t be impressed.

See you around 😉










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